IoT device certification

Certification Labs

For developers who are creating wirelessly connected, next-generation devices, it can be a tremendous challenge to refine your device design while optimizing your component options and validating your operating system and chipset selections. AT&T IoT services can help bring these innovative devices to market.

For a successful connected device launch, PTCRB and FCC certifications are necessary. To facilitate an efficient certification process, AT&T works with various labs that help our device partners achieve FCC and PTCRB certification for their products. In addition, we can help you complete the submission process for AT&T certification of the device.

Below are some labs which offer PTCRB certification services.

Device Manufacturers

Original device manufacturers (ODMs) offer innovative design production services. They will bring your product ideas to life with their design-to-cost methodology and wireless solutions manufacturing services. ODMs can offer lean, fast, and reliable manufacturing capabilities with an emphasis on innovation. Discover more about these services that can help you develop your device so you can reach the certification process and get to market quickly. Below are examples of some ODMs.

SIM Manufacturers

AT&T-approved SIM manufactures are carefully chosen to ensure high accuracy and their ability to meet market demands. SIM manufactures offer a wide variety of smart card and mobile security solutions specializing in UICC technologies for wireless networks. They also provide device management, network monitoring systems for M2M and IoT solutions, and offer application development tools and services. Below are examples of some SIM manufacturers.

RF Consultants & Design Services

These design services companies are experts in hardware and software solutions. They have extensive capabilities in the design, testing, and integration of cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, ZigBee®, Satellite, RFID solutions and more. They are industry experts that support customers with market access requirements, procedures, project management strategies, test and certification services.

Learn more about developing your connected device by leveraging turn-key design services. Below are examples of our design service partners.