AT&T Raises the Bar on Module Performance - and Lowers the Cost

AT&T’s LTE-M network was deployed in 2017 and marks another evolutionary step forward in IoT network performance and capability. The LTE-M network enables developers to use advanced modules that provide the basis for a new generation of devices, while lowering connectivity costs.

LTE-M advantages compared to traditional IoT connectivity options include:

  • Lower module costs (as low as $7.50)
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  • Reduced module size (up to 1/6 the size of current modules)

  • Longer battery life (up to 10 years)

  • Better coverage for IoT devices underground and deep inside buildings

These advanced modules enable devices to be used in locations that were previously out of range, (subterranean or deep inside buildings, for instance) opening up options to create devices that could never before be connected- all at prices that are more affordable than ever before.